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Hazard Placard Labels

dot flammable liquid label Flammable Liquid Placard

Flammable Liquid Placard


it is customized according to the requirement or samples of customers. 

We are pleased to provide sample

We can provide all kinds of paper printed label according to the customer's specific requirment.

self-adhesive label,sticker,product label,barcode label,color label,food label,bottle label,etc. 


Size:according to the customer's specific requirment

Surface material: Adhesive paper+transparent film;

Back material: glossine paper

Delicate design: we can provide best designing services

This barcode label is mainly used as a serial number of goods.


The picture relevant to this product is for your reference only. We do not have any

intellectual properly rights over the trademark(s)displayed,and are not selling any products

containing this/these marks.

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